Stalin"s Terror : Hign Politics and Mass Repression in the Soviet Union

Ed. by B.McLoughlin and K.McDermott — [New York]: Palgrave Macmillan, [2004] — 256 p. — Не указан

Petrov N. [= Петров Н.], Roginskii A [= Рогинский А.] The "Polish Operation" of the NKVD, 1937-8; McLoughlin B. Mass Operations of the NKVD : A Survey, 1937-8; Vatlin A. [= Ватлин А.], Musienko N. Stalinist Terror in the Moscow District of Kuntsevo, 1937-8; Khlevniuk O. [= Журавлев С.] Party and NKVD: Power Relationships in the Years of the Great Terror; Zhuravlev S. [= Журавлев С.] Terror against Foreign Workers in the Moscow Elektrozavod Plant, 1937-8.

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