Reflections on the GULAG: With a Documentary Appendix on the Italian Victims of Repression in the USSR

Ed. by E.Dundovich, F.Gori, E.Guercetti — Milano: Feltrinelli Editore, 2003 — XXI, 1, 705 p. — Не указан

Из содерж.: Petrov N. [Петров Н.] The GULAG as Instrument of the USSR"s Punitive System, 1917-39; Polian P. [Полян П.] Soviet Repression of Foreigners: The Great Terror, the GULAG, Deportations; Shcherbakova I. [Щербакова И.] Remembering the GULAG. Memoirs and Oral Testimonies by Former Inmates; Morozova A. [Морозова А.] Letters from Political Prisoners in the 1930s, from the Archive of Memorial; Kaplan H. The Bibliography of the GULAG today. Публикуется библиографический список о системе ГУЛАГа в СССР, составленный Э.Каплан.

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